Compromised Data in the Supply Chain

Gain a unique Compromised Data Perspective on your Supply Chain with Lab 1's Category Defining Products

Compromised Data Rating

These days most companies have some kind of Compromised Data footprint. Employees have had their details hacked through services they use outside the Company firewall. Documents have been left unguarded on Services like Dropbox. Developers have left login information inside code on Github. So what is the Compromised Data position of your Supply Chain?

The category defining Lab 1 rating takes all Compromised Data into account for any given company, before normalising and weighting to produce a Score out of 100.

Please get in touch if you'd like access to the Ratings.

Compromised Data Reports.

Detailed Compromised Data Reports are available on any Company in your Supply Chain. These customised Reports break down your Suppliers overall Compromised Data position including recency, sources, key people implicated and severity. Contact us for more detail.

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Lab 1 is built for the Enterprise; it's always on and running 24x7.  Your account can be managed through our Website Dashboards or via our API.

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