Alerting Service

How does Lab 1's Alerting Service work?

Step 1 - Add the Data Assets you want us to look for.

Example Data Assets:
- Domain Names
- Email addresses
- Key People
- Brand Names
- File names
- Postcodes
- Phone numbers
- Plus many more.

Step 2 - Set Assets Importance.

- This Email address belongs to a Key Person
- The File Name is high priority
- etc

Step 3 - We go hunting.

GyGraph will be primed and our bespoke AI and ML will now be hunting for your Data Assets.

Step 4 - Alerts delivered.

If we find a match we will classify it before Alerting you, Fast.

Always On - Enterprise Ready

Lab 1 is built for the Enterprise; it's always on and running 24x7.  Your account can be managed through our Web based Dashboards or via our API.

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